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Blue Links: Mexican Superstar marketing, big trade for Nashville and Klinsmann

ALso a little Dwyer, Royals, MLB and Chiefs thrown in to the mix of links.

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Thad Bell

FC Dallas Mexican Superstars package? Alright, I get it. They want to do their best marketing possible and they don’t think Paxton Pomykal and Dante Sealy is enough to draw fans in the somewhat “near” Dallas area. But the fan in me hates, HATES it when a team markets the opponent more than their own team. Yes, the Wizards used to this. COME SEE DAVID BECKHAM take on your Kansas City Wizards. It just seems to promote fandom of other teams and make home field advantage even more remote. Especially for a team like FC Frisco Dallas who does not have full stadiums very often, it can mean more revenue and maybe a fan of a MEXICAN SUPERSTAR will fall in love with Jesus Ferreira (who just switched to the U.S.) or Jesse Gonzalez (plays for the U.S.). Maybe, just MAYBE they could have marketed it as: Come see our HomeGrown players take on some of the best Mexican players and it would have played better.

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

While it does appear short-sighted to promote the other team we do need to fully support their effort to make more revenue. Clark Hunt needs all the cash he can get in the next few months to sign Patrick Mahomes to a long term contract with the Kansas City Chiefs. Thanks FC Dallas…

Speaking of cross-promotion, the Kansas City Royals have a Sporting Kansas City day on April 18th. With a special theme ticket you can receive a “premium long-sleeved t-shirt featuring Royals and Sporting logos!” when you enter the stadium. It’s a Saturday versus the Baltimore Orioles. Will a co-branded t-shirt entice you to go?

Speaking of baseball… According to ESPN: “Major League Baseball is mulling significant changes to its postseason, including increasing the number of teams from 10 to 14 and adding a reality TV-type format to determine which teams play each other in an expanded wild-card round, sources told ESPN.” So MLB is adding playoff teams and is going for a reality show to generate interest? Looks like they are emulating MLS playoffs but adding a reality show. Maybe they should contact FC Frisco Dallas for marketing tips.

Speaking of bad marketing… Inter Miami Loses First Round of Trademark Battle With Inter Milan. Can they use Inter Ft Lauderdale? Miami Confusion is an option.

Speaking of expansion teams… Nashville SC thought they had the stadium plan all worked out and all the agreements in place. Even the new Mayor agreed during his campaign that the stadium was “finished business” and it was time to make it “successful.” Apparently Mayor Cooper needs some reminding of his own words.

More Nashville… They are acquiring U.S. national team center back Walker Zimmerman from LAFC in exchange for a boatload of allocation money and a 2020 international spot. A good move for a good defender but not sure about the cost. Apparently they do not use International slots there since this is the third one they traded away for 2020. The total cash (allocation money) can surpass the trade of Ike Opara if certain incentives are met.

Alexi Lalas says something, and Jermaine Jones responds… Alexi is a hot take king and Jermaine is unafraid to take offense and go on social media. Sure sounds like a good opportunity for a charity benefit here. Cage match, sell tickets and proceeds go to fund some youth programs. Make it a MMA match, pro wrestling or a 1v1 soccer game, don’t care. Put them in a confined space and sell tickets.

Speaking of mercurial personalities… Our friends at Mane Land think that “Dom Dwyer Showed Renewed Spirit in Public Preseason Game”, showing a hunger that was missing for 2019. Good luck with that Orlando City. I am just glad he did well (enough) after Sporting KC traded him that all the incentives kicked in and the max money was sent to SKC.

Speaking of loons… Luis Amarilla has been acquired by Minnesota United and he has high aspirations. “One of the things I discussed with Adrian is that I promised him 25 goals and I think that’s something I can do.” That is attainable. No problem Luis…

Speaking of loons part II... Hertha Berlin head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has left his role at the Bundesliga club after less than three months in charge, saying “I took over a suicide mission.” Will anyone EVER trust him again with a manager job?

No more cash… CenturyLink Field Announces Transition to Cashless Operations for all Events. I like this idea since I can’t remember the last time I used cash. Normally I keep enough on me to snag an ice tea from Quick Trip in case my card doesn’t work.