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Coronavirus may start to affect Sporting Kansas City games

Sporting KC’s March 21st opponent, the San Jose Earthquakes have announced they will comply with orders to limit mass gatherings

Thad Bell

Coronavirus is clearly the biggest news story around the world at the moment. It is unavoidable in the news and as the virus spreads, more locations are quarantining whole cities to try and limit the spread.

The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department has barred mass gatherings through the end of the month.

Sporting Kansas City is scheduled to play at the San Jose Earthquakes on March 21st. There has been no announcement of what the two teams and MLS will decide to do. They could play the game behind closed doors or they could postpone the game and play it after the Coronavirus threat has subsided a bit.

Another option would be to swap home dates but that is never as easy as it sounds. Sporting KC is scheduled to host San Jose on August 15th. If they swapped home games, Sporting KC would end up with a four game road trip. Sporting KC would also have only one game at home in August (the 29th) and one in September (19th). Just three of their last eleven matches would be at home. Not an ideal situation for a team that wants to finish strong.

It sounds like no decision has been made yet regarding the San Jose game but it could be just the first domino to fall in very uncertain time. With Seattle one of the heaviest hit areas will they be forced to play with no fans or postpone games as well.

Media access

All the major sports league in America have talked about limiting locker room access post game and other measures to help protect players. At this time nothing has changed for SKC but with the next game at home a couple weeks away there is time to change rules for both media and fans.

This might be a good time for MLS to start waiving the limit on charter flights and allow teams to keep the players isolated as possible.