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Football Manager 2020 Free on STEAM for a Week

Stuck at home? Football Manager is here to help.

Courtesy of Football Manager

If you are finding yourself with a little extra time on your hands, the makers of Football Manager would like to help. Starting at 10:00am (CMT) on Wednesday March 18th and ending at 10:00am (CMT) on Wednesday March 25th, the game is free to download through Steam (instructions here). Steam is also free if you’ve never used it.

This is a game I’ve barely tried to play (I own the 2017 version) but I know many members of our community are big Football Manager advocates. Feel free to help each other out in the comments below.

So if COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has you down, hopefully this will distract you (and keep you indoors). Enjoy Sporting Kansas City fans! Keep us updated on your season in the comments.