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Revisiting a Missed Goal and Missed Offside in Sporting KC v Houston

SKC won 4-0 and they should have, but the wrong goals counted.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Sporting Kansas City Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

In a quest to fill our time while COVID-19 (coronavirus) alters the landscape of the country and the world, I’ve found myself heading down some very random rabbit holes. However, this one wasn’t that deep, it’s just something I missed right after the Sporting Kansas City game against the Houston Dynamo. released their weekly Instant Replay segment hosted by Kansas’ own Andrew Weibe. And Weibe pointed out two missed calls in the SKC v Dynamo game that probably would have had no impact, but could have.

The opening goal by Alan Pulido shouldn’t have counted. The Mexican attacker was clearly in an offside position when the ball was played by Khiry Shelton. Looking at it live it’s easy to miss as Pulido comes back behind the defense and shoots the ball through a lot of traffic. If that opener gets waived off, maybe it’s a different flow to the game.

The second missed call was one a lot of us saw live, including the broadcast team. Gerso Fernandes had a late goal waived off because in the build-up to the goal Roger Espinoza was ruled offside. However, the only thing offside was his arm, which doesn’t count because it can’t be used to score goals.

In the end, four goals should have counted and four goals did. It’s a bit of a blunder by the VAR to miss the Pulido goal since all goals are checked and the Gerso goal was very close but probably should have been overturned to a goal. The referees are probably still in preseason form. And after this long break with no soccer, they probably still will be.

Full video below. The Sporting KC action starts at the 4:48 mark.