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Blue Links: Sporting KC’s Routine, Alan Pulido, Vermes Wants 34 Games, NWSL and SKCvHOU with Player Commentary

Despite no new games being played, there is still some news out there you can catch up on.

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MLS: Houston Dynamo at Sporting Kansas City William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

The sports world — and frankly the whole world — has slowed to a crawl. For a bit of relief from all the COVID-19 stuff, here is some Sporting Kansas City and other soccer news you may have missed (though, of course, that dang coronavirus makes an appearance).

SKC Staying in Shape

If you missed Robert’s two-part series on Sporting KC’s “Training Renaissance in year Three at Pinnacle” I highly recommend you check it out. Through two games, it was working perfectly. Sam McDowell took the offseason training to it’s logical next step over at the Kansas City Star to figure out how players are staying in shape while they are stuck at home.

Apparently they are doing it by loaning out lots of equipment from Pinnacle directly to the players. Weight benches, exercise bikes and more have vacated the training center and headed to the homes and apartments of the players. Also, director of sports performance Joey Harty has worked tirelessly with the coaching staff to continue to develop and tweak plans to keep players in as good of shape as possible for if/when the 2020 season resumes.

Pulido’s Daily Social Distancing Routine has a translation of a TUDN interview with Sporting KC striker Alan Pulido about how he’s dealing with COVID-19 from home.

“We’re having daily contact with the physical trainer and with [head coach] Peter [Vermes] who’s calling us all individually to see how we’re doing and how we’re feeling,” Pulido said. “They’ve provided us with some weights and bikes so that we can continue to stay in rhythm and exercise and lose as little as possible of our physical state when this is finally done and we can get back to league play. I’m happy [with the start of the season]. I know the season is long. We’ve started well. I won’t be relaxing. I want to keep this level and maintain it to do great things this year.”

The story goes on to detail his routine but basically it’s wake up late, breakfast, rest, exercise, shower, lunch, rest, TV/movies/news, dinner and maybe a retro video game.

Still Playing 34 Games in MLS?

That’s the plan if Peter Vermes gets his way.

That wouldn’t seem to favor Sporting KC in the same was as their prior 32 consecutive weekends of soccer would have. They are one of the leagues oldest teams and this would seemingly force some extensive squad rotation.

Must-Watch TV

Sporting KC and Fox Sports KC put together a special player commentary edition of SKC versus the Houston Dynamo from when games were still being played. Matt Besler, Johnny Russell and Roger Espinoza joined Nate Bukaty to do commentary on the game. Quality stuff and a must-watch if I do say so myself.

NWSL Could Return in June

At least that’s the current working target. I suspect that will change, but you never know.

Corner Kicks

Here are some quick ones you may have also missed.

In other, non-soccer news, times have gotten desperate around the Smith household (don’t judge my child-like diet). How are things for you all?