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Sporting KC’s Plan for Possible Cancellations or No Spectator Games

Sporting Kansas City reaches out to Season Ticket Members regarding possible cancelled matches or games with no attendance.

MLS: Los Angeles FC at Sporting KC William Purnell-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Soccer has been planning if, when or how to continue the 2020 season. The latest news is that they are planning on trying to play all of the matches starting June 8. It would make for a jam packed schedule to think they can fit all of the matches in by December. When, or if, the league can play again this season is one question. Another is when or how you can expect to have stadiums full of spectators? This has led to the very real possibility of playing matches in stadiums with no fans.

Sporting Kansas City has apparently been planning ahead for just this scenario. The club reached out to season ticket members this weekend to keep them up to date. The message was that they hope all games would still be played, but that they had a plan in place for any cancelled matches or games played with no fans in attendance. The official word from Sporting Kansas City to season ticket members is that if a regular season match is cancelled completely or played without fans in attendance then credit for those matches will be applied to season tickets for 2021.

It is my belief that this was the expected response and action that would be taken. It would be a logistical nightmare and practically unheard of for the organization to refund all of that money to all of the season ticket members. As a season ticket member myself, I always assumed that when the games get cancelled or when they are played without fans that I would get that money applied to another game. It is an unprecedented moment in history and many things are being done that have never been done before. It is important that we all give each other grace. As an elementary school teacher, I know that I need grace as my life and career has changed dramatically and I am hopeful that season ticket members will offer that kind of grace to the club as they are also seeing a dramatic change from their normal plan as well.