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What If? - MLS Cup winners face off against each other

What if the 2000 Kansas City Wizards played 2013 Sporting Kansas City? Which team would get to paint the wall

Thad Bell

What if? The classic debate between friends and fans. What if a player from history played in the modern day? Which legendary team was better? What if the season is canceled, will Sporting KC be the Shield winners? (Hopefully, we do not have to find out.)

Internally we have discussed this question before but this time we will take a close look at matchups, styles, formations, and anything else that might affect the outcome.

One reason this particular matchup is so intriguing, besides being the only two Kansas City MLS Cup teams, is some of the key battles would be so much fun.

Can you imagine Dom Dwyer versus Peter Vermes? The stare downs alone would be worth the price of admission. Mo Johnston going against Aurelien Collin or Benny Feilhaber’s reactions after being fouled by Nick Garcia? The match would include two of the best keepers in franchise history on opposite ends, Tony Meola and Jimmy Nielsen.

Also the mentor versus the student angles. Manager Bob Gansler matching wits with Sporting Kansas City manager coach Peter Vermes. Matt Besler having learned under Vermes and Kerry Zavagnin is another example.

Like any match preview, we want to know what lineup the fans would like to see. The difference this time is we have history to guide our decisions as well.

The 2000 MLS Cup winning Kansas City Wizards lineup:

Starting XI: Tony Meola; Chris Klein, Nick Garcia, Peter Vermes, Brandon Prideaux; Chris Henderson, Matt McKeon, Kerry Zavagnin, Preki; Mo Johnston, Miklos Molnar

Substitutes: Bo Oshoniyi, Francisco Gomez, Uche Okafor, Chris Brown, Vicente Figueroa, Brian Johnson, Peter Byaruhanga

The 2013 MLS Cup winning Sporting Kansas City lineup:

Starting XI: Jimmy Nielsen (c); Chance Myers, Aurélien Collin, Matt Besler, Seth Sinovic; Paulo Nagamura, Oriol Rosell, Benny Feilhaber; Graham Zusi, Dom Dwyer, C. J. Sapong

Substitutes: Eric Kronberg, Jacob Peterson, Federico Bessone, Claudio Bieler, Ike Opara, Teal Bunbury, Lawrence Olum

Note: Kamara was not included in the voting options since he was back to England to play for Middlesbrough and was no longer with Sporting KC.