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Sporting Numerology Part 16: 33 Through 55

The latest look at every player to wear a Sporting KC jersey.

Orlando City SC v Sporting Kansas City Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

We’ve reached the point in Sporting Kansas City’s history of player numbers that most of the numbers have only ever been worn by one player. And those numbers that have multiple players wearing the number are usually numbers of players who don’t play much, or there’s only one player who actually played. This time through we’re looking at numbers 33 through number 55, but in reality it’s only 11 numbers that have been worn in those 22 numbers.

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Number 33

Number of players to wear number: 4

Sergei Raad 2006

Raad spent one season on a developmental contract with the Wizards, appearing in just one league game for the club, a 22 minute substitute appearance. He also appeared in both of KC’s US Open Cup games that year.

Willy Guadarrama 2007

“Mr. Irrelevant” of the 2007 MLS drafts, taken with the last pick in the fourth round of the 2007 Supplemental Draft, Guadarrama didn’t play a game for Kansas City.

Nelson Pizarro 2008-2009

The first of the two open tryout winners (along with Kevin Souter) to make his debut for the club in 2008. Pizarro appeared in three games for Kansas City in the 2008 season, totaling 40 minutes. He also made one substitute appearance in the US Open Cup that year. He was waived by the club early in the 2009 season.

Brendan Ruiz 2013

Signed in early August of 2013, Ruiz never made an appearance for Kansas City and was waived at the end of the season.

Best player to wear the number: Nelson Pizarro gets the nod here as he played more games for Kansas City during his time with the club compared to Sergei Raad.

Number 35

Number of players to wear number: 2

Ryan McMahen 2006

In McMahen’s first season with the club he wore the number 35 and appeared in just two US Open Cup games, both of them starts.

Ualefi 2016

A Swope Park Rangers’ player who was called up to play for Sporting in their CONCACAF Champions League run in 2016, Ualefi played in two games for Kansas City, both of their games against Vancouver in that year’s competition.

Best player to wear the number: This one is hard in terms of making a decision because neither player made a lot of appearances for the club, and in the games we could see of them neither looked overly impressive for Kansas City (Ualefi looked a like a decent USL player during his time with Swope, but looked a step slow when he moved up to MLS). Neither player contributed a ton but in the end I lean Ualefi, but just barely.

Number 36

Number of players to wear number: 1

Luis Martins 2019-

The one who finally won out against Seth Sinovic, Martins took over the starting job at left back in 2019 from Sinovic and has since played in 12 games, starting 11 of those. He’s recorded one assist at this point as well.

Best player to wear the number: By default it’s Luis Martins, but early returns are that he seems to be a decent pick up for the club.

Number 37

Number of players to wear number: 1

Jacob Peterson 2012-2016

Maybe one of the most polarizing players in club history, even now, it seems like people either loved or hated Peterson. He was either loved for his work ethic and going out and working his ass off, or hated because he got way more minutes than people felt he deserved. He played pretty much everywhere on the field but center back and goalkeeper during his time with the club, making 108 league appearances for the club, 65 of them starts and scored 13 goals for the club as well.

Best player to wear the number: Another that’s easy because of one player, but even if there were multiple players, it’d be hard to top the contribution that Jacob Peterson has had to the club while wearing the number.

Number 39

Number of players to wear number: 1

Cameron Porter 2016-2017

Over Porter’s two seasons in KC he played in just three league games, all as a substitute he also made one start in KC’s run to the 2017 US Open Cup, and made four appearances, three starts, in KC’s 2016 Champions League run, scoring his lone goal for the club in KC’s 3-1 win over Central FC.

Best player to wear number: Another selection for the only player to wear the number, Cameron Porter.

Number 40

Number of players to wear number: 1

Igor Juliao 2014, 2017

Juliao spent two stints in KC on loan, the first time Juliao made 23 league appearances, all starts, and recorded two assists, helped by the fact that the club’s regular starting right back, Chance Myers ruptured his Achilles tendon during the season. Juliao’s second stint in KC in 2017 was less successful, he made just one appearance, a start, where he was pulled at half time in KC’s 2-0 loss to Minnesota. Shortly after his loan was terminated and he returned to Fluminense.

Best player to wear the number: Igor Juliao gets the selection here as the only player to wear the number 40. His first stint with KC wasn’t spectacular, but he had a flair when getting into the attack that gave some hope for the future. His second stint was a disaster though.

Number 41

Number of players to wear number: 1

James Musa 2017

Signed from the Swope Park Rangers, Musa made just one appearance for the club, a start against the Seattle Sounders.

Best player to wear the number: As with the last five entries that have all had just one player wear the number, the best player to wear 41 is James Musa.

Number 42

Number of players to wear number: 1

James Marcelin 2015

Signed in December of 2014 for the 2015 season, Marcelin was waived before the 2015 season started.

Best player to wear the number: The first selection to wear a number but never play a game, James Marcelin.

Number 44

Number of players to wear number: 3

Tomas Granitto 2016

Called up from the Swope Park Rangers for Sporting’s final CONCACAF Champions League game in 2016 against Central FC. Granitto started and played 70 minutes, assisting on the first goal of the game in KC’s win.

Parker Maher 2017

Another Swope Park call up for KC’s US Open Cup game in 2017 against the Houston Dynamo, Maher did not get on the field.

Camden Riley 2019

The third Swope Park Rangers player to earn a call up to Sporting KC on a short term loan, Riley was called up for KC’s 2019 US Open Cup game against Minnesota United. Riley did not play in the game.

Best player to wear the number: Since Tomas Granitto is the only player of the three to get into a game for Sporting he gets the selection for the best player to wear the number 44.

Number 50

Number of players to wear number: 1

Kris Tyrpak 2016

A Swope Park Rangers loan called up for Sporting’s game against the Vancouver Whitecaps at home, Tyrpak was a half time substitute for KC in the 2-1 loss.

Best player to wear the number: Another number worn by just one player, Kris Typrak gets the selection here.

Number 55

Number of players to wear number: 2

Julio Cesar 2011-2012

Cesar’s career in KC started slow with his play at center back being a little questionable during Sporting’s long road trip in 2011 to start the season. Once he found his spot at the number 6 for Peter Vermes though Cesar became an important part of KC’s team for the next two seasons. He was a calming presence in the midfield for KC and worked well with Aurelien Collin and Matt Besler defensively. Over his two seasons, Cesar made 54 league appearances, 50 of them starts and scored three goals for KC.

Amer Didic 2016-2017

Didic’s time wearing the number 55 for Sporting KC was split between the Swope Park Rangers (2016 and early 2017) and Sporting (rest of 2017). Didic made three appearances for Sporting in the 2016 CONCACAF Champions League, a draw against Central FC and a pair of losses to Vancouver. Those were the only three appearances he made for KC wearing that number.

Best player to wear the number: Beside MLS originally messing up their list of best players to wear the number and assuming it was the Toronto goalkeeper Julio Cesar who wore 55 and not Sporting’s Julio Cesar (and not amending the post and giving it to the right Julio Cesar), Sporting’s Julio Cesar is the best player to wear the number 55 for Kansas City.