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Vermes, Ilie, Besler and Reid on Sporting KC’s Return to Training

Practice footage of the boys in action with three interviews over the top plus seven more photos of SKC’s return to practice.

Who needs a hair cut when it grows in like this?
Gary Rohman

Sporting Kansas City has returned to practice. They were one of just four teams in the league to do so on Wednesday, as outlined by our own Stacy Fulk. Below is some footage shot by the team edited to go with interviews from Peter Vermes, Ilie Sanchez and Jake Reid by The Blue Testament site manager Thad Bell.

The team also released quite a few photos to show how things are playing out. Here is just a sampling of the social distancing happening in the parking lot, between the coaches, players and the sanitation station visited by new Designated Player Alan Pulido and Matt Besler (at different times of course).

Pulido visits the sanitation station.
Gary Rohman
Vermes and part of his staff keep a safe distance.
Gary Rohman
Even the player and staff vehicles are social distancing properly.
Gary Rohman
The Captain Matt Besler.
Gary Rohman
Amadou Dia gears up in his quadrant of the field.
Gary Rohman
Luis Martins keeps his distance at the National Performance Center.
Gary Rohman

In addition, Peter Vermes details how SKC can be a model for other teams.

“I think you just have to be a little creative and I think all the steps, it will be like building blocks,” Vermes said. “One step after another, then hopefully we get to a place where, as I keep trying to say, I don’t want to get back to my old life. I’d like to get back to a better life. So, hoping for that and hope it comes soon.”

Captain Matt Besler also talks about his first session back with the team.

“It was awesome, it felt great,” Besler told reporters on a video conference call. “We haven’t had too much to look forward to, especially with soccer, so it was uplifting news to everyone. And much needed.”

“I had questions going in about going to a field as an individual, just how much I’d be able to get out of that workout,” Besler admitted. ”But I was blown away by how good it felt to be out on the field. It’s a good feeling. I think we all understand that getting back to games will be a process. … It’s a really good step that we made today.”

“I think this is the right move to open up our training facilities,” Besler said. “We’re programmed to work out. As professional athletes, that’s in our DNA. You can’t tell us to stop working out, there’s only so much you can do at home. Eventually players will find another solution because working out is how we make our living. Providing a safe environment for us to do that is a big step forward.”

Boy is it good to see anything loosely soccer related. Stay healthy and safe everyone. The games are coming!