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SKC II’s Jake Davis interview

“I love this club and I want to do anything I can to win because I know this club deserves to win.” - Davis

Thad Bell

When Jake Davis was announced as singing with Sporting Kansas City II in June, he became another representative in the Sporting KC player pathway. Davis moved from Michigan to play for the Sporting KC Academy in 2017. He played a few games with the Swope Park Rangers (now SKC II) on an Academy contract.

The talented midfielder impressed enough to earn a contract in 2020 and would be eligible to be a Homegrown player for the first team if they chose to promote. Fellow Academy player Felipe Hernadez followed that path as well. Moving to Kansas City, playing in the Academy, playing with Swope Park as an Academy player, then on a full contract and is now with Sporting Kansas City as one of their Homegrowns.

Speaking with Davis, we found out he had actually signed in March but the announcement came in June after it was decideded there would be a season.

Davis spoke on a range of subjects, his best role in the midfield, who he plays like and more but a couple quotes stood out.

“I accomplished something I have been working towards for almost three years now and I think it meant more to me because I love this club. I think it’s even better that I’m with Sporting KC II because it gives me something to work towards, moving up to the first team,” Davis stated. ‘

“I love this club and I want to do anything I can to win because I know this club deserves to win,” Davis explained.

Not the greatest video but we have to work with what we can these days. Also note Jake’s determination to make it work as he held his phone in place for half the interview.

Davis did impress as a young man with a good head on shoulders and a determination to succeed.