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First FIFA 21 Sporting KC Player Rating is Revealed: Gerso is League’s Fastest Player

Gerso Fernandes can’t be caught.

FC Dallas v Sporting Kansas City Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

FIFA 21 doesn’t come out until October 2020 but that’s not stopping EA Sports from making the slow trickle of information into event after event. Today, they are slowly releasing the FIFA 21 Major League Soccer (MLS) player ratings as I write this.

Sporting Kansas City’s own Gerso Fernandes was involved in the action as he was brought on the ratings reveal show to unveil his player card.

The thing is, nothing much has changed. In FIFA 21, Gerso will have the same overall rating as he had in FIFA 20. He’s once again a 73 overall. That was actually his rating in FIFA 19 too. FIFA 18 on the other hand had him as a 74.

The one bit of exciting news was Gerso’s pace. He’s a 93. It’s the same rating he had in last week’s FIFA 20 update, but it does make him the fastest player in MLS (in FIFA at least). I’ll be interested to see what Gadi Kinda’s pace is as I’m pretty sure they were stride for stride flying down the field against Minnesota United this past weekend.

As you can see in the above Tweet he’s tailed by Przemyslaw Frankowski of the Chicago Fire, Jurgen Damm of Atlanta United, Joseph-Claude (Joe) Gyau of FC Cincinnati and Yimmi Chara of the Portland Timbers.

The Blue Testament will bring you more on FIFA 21 as details continue to emerge. Be sure to check out all the changes coming to Career Mode in FIFA 21. Full team ratings should be out later today.