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Here’s Johnny! The T-shirt

A collaboration with Breaking T

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Here’s Johnny!
Breaking T / Thad Bell

There is little doubt that Johnny Russell is a fan favorite on Sporting Kansas City. His penchant for breaking through multiple defenders and his intensity along with a good amount of goals makes him easy to love. IF you are a Kansas City fan.

Opponents might see him a little less favorably...

His winning goal against Minnesota came when he smashed through the Loon backline followed by a quality shot.

A Russell celebration can be a “scary movie” for the opposition.

After seeing the goal, Breaking T reached out to us (The Blue Testament) and together we created this shirt. The basis is one of my shots from 2018 and they have a license with the MLS Players Association to use the likeness of players so everything is legit.

If you would like to order one (or many more), please use this link as we at The Blue Testament will receive a percentage of each sale, but only through this link.

Here’s Johnny t-shirt link

Let us know what you think and if you would like to more designs in the future. If this goes well, we have a few other ideas bouncing around that might become a reality.

Breaking T / Thad Bell

A little closer look at the graphic...

Breaking T / Thad Bell

The original image of Johnny...

Thad Bell