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Juice Boxes and Post Game Stats: 50 Appearances for Sandivari

Stats and milestones from the Comets’ weekend game.

Thad Bell

The Kansas City Comets suffered their third straight loss on the road over the weekend against the St. Louis Ambush. Here are the stats and milestones from the game.

Mirko Sandivari made his 50th appearance in all competitions for the Comets, he’s the 21st player to reach that mark.

Sandivari made his 48th appearance in league play, tying him with Ryan Junge and Gui Gomes for 18th all time on that list.

Adam James scored his 25th league goal for the Comets, breaking his tie with Milan Ivanovic for 18th all time on that list.

His goal gave him 41 goals and assists in league play for the Comets, tying him with Ivanovic and Anthony Grant for 16th all time on that list.

It was James’ 41st goal/assist in all competitions as well, tying him with Grant for 17th all time on that list.

James made his 56th appearance in all competitions, breaking his tie with Junge for 17th all time on that list.