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Pulido Sues His Former Club, Chivas

The Sporting Designated Player claims his former club owes him money from his transfer to Kansas City.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Sporting Kansas City Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting Kansas City Designated Player, Alan Pulido, is suing his former club, CD Guadalajara (Chivas) over money owed to him. According to a release put out by the club, Pulido has submitted the complaint to the Mexican Soccer Federation over money owned related to his transfer to Sporting. The complaint is already in the hands of the Federations’ dispute resolution commission.

The reported transfer fee for Pulido was reported to be over $10 million and many times players and their agents will negotiate for a portion of that fee that the selling club receives. Pulido’s claim is that he is still owed some of that money by Chivas.

This should have no affect on Sporting as it is entirely between Pulido and his former club.

There don’t appear to be too hard of feelings from Chivas towards their former player as in their release about the issue, Chivas continue to praise their former player. The club says they continue to wish Pulido the best of success and that he will continue to be a beloved player. Though they also say that their appreciation for his was part of the reason they allowed him to leave to join Kansas City ahead of the 2020 season.