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What We Want to Happen Today 10/23 and 10/24

A look at the rest of the weekend’s MLS action.

MLS: Sporting Kansas City at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

A weekend of MLS action with teams having between four and five games left things are starting to tighten up in the Western Conference, with fourth place (the last place that will host the first round) just three points ahead of the seventh place team (the last team that qualifies). For Sporting Kansas City they kick the weekend off against the Seattle Sounders. Sporting can clinch a playoff berth themselves with a win. A draw can still see KC qualify this weekend if any number of other results happen. Even a loss can see Sporting clinch a playoff berth if results go their way. Sporting can also clinch a home playoff game this weekend with a win and a series of other results going their way. A full look at their qualification opportunities can be found on the MLS site. With so many potential playoff scenarios based on other results here’s a look at today’s and tomorrow’s MLS games and what KC want to happen in those games.

New York at Columbus

What we want to happen: Columbus win

This is the simple case of a team that can catch Kansas City on points (New York Red Bulls, 40 points with 15 remaining available) against a team that cannot (Columbus Crew, 38 points with 12 remaining available).


What we want to happen: draw

A draw here means that neither DC United or New York City FC can catch KC on points, so the simple option here is to eliminate both from catching KC.

Nashville at Philadelphia

What we want to happen: draw

A Nashville SC win puts them level on points with KC while a Philadelphia Union win puts them three points behind KC. The rooting interest here is for neither team to pick up all three points.

Montreal at Toronto

What we want to happen: Toronto win

This result would keep CF Montreal from being able to catch Kansas City on points, while Toronto FC has been eliminated from the playoff race.

Salt Lake at Chicago

What we want to happen: Chicago win

Two reasons for this result. One for the simple case of Real Salt Lake being on 42 points and still able to catch KC while the Chicago Fire cannot and are eliminated from playoff contention. The other is that this is one in a series of results that could see KC clinch a playoff berth if KC tie Seattle.

Cincinnati at Miami

What we want to happen: does not matter

Neither team can catch Kansas City. Inter Miami is still in the playoff chase in the East so you could cheer for them to keep them fighting for results in their upcoming games to make matters harder for teams, but overall the result doesn’t matter.

LAFC at Minnesota

What we want to happen: draw

A draw here clinches Kansas City a playoff berth. A win for either team could also see Kansas City clinch a playoff berth if another result goes KC’s way. A KC loss combined with a loss by the Vancouver Whitecaps and Los Angeles FC sees KC clinch a playoff spot. A KC draw combined with a loss by Minnesota United loss sees KC clinch a spot. The most direct way for KC to clinch involving this game though is a draw, so that’s the result KC fans probably want to cheer for here.

Portland at Colorado

What we want to happen: draw

A draw in this game is probably the best for Kansas City as it allows the Colorado Rapids, who are level with KC on points, to only earn one point, while it allows the Portland Timbers to close the gap on KC to only five points instead of three. A win by KC combined with a Portland draw or loss, an LA Galaxy loss, and a Minnesota United loss or tie would see KC clinch a top four spot. A KC tie combined with a Portland loss and a loss by Salt Lake would see KC clinch a playoff spot. KC likely still want the draw over a Portland loss, but there are ways that a loss by the Timbers helps KC.

Dallas at LA

What we want to happen: Dallas win

Simple here with FC Dallas unable to catch KC. It’s also simple because a loss by the LA Galaxy clinch KC a playoff spot.

Vancouver at San Jose

What we want to happen: San Jose win

Another case of a team not able to catch Kansas City against a team that still can. The San Jose Earthquakes sit on 36 points while the Vancouver Whitecaps have 43. A Vancouver loss combined with a loss by LAFC clinch KC a playoff berth.

Houston at Austin

What we want to happen: does not matter

The first game on Sunday doesn’t matter for Kansas City as both teams have been eliminated from playoff competition.

New England at Orlando

What we want to happen: New England win

Sporting cannot catch the New England Revolution while Orlando City can still catch KC, sitting six points behind KC. So this one is straight forward, keeping Orlando from closing the gap, on the off chance KC and Orlando meet for MLS Cup.