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What We Want to Happen 10/9 and 10/10

Sporting is off, but here’s a look at the other games this weekend.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Sporting Kansas City Gary Rohman-USA TODAY Sports

With national teams at the forefront, most MLS teams are off this weekend. There are four MLS games though today and tomorrow. So here’s a look at those games and what Sporting KC want to happen in them.

Miami at New York

What we want to happen: draw

Honestly this one is very close to not mattering for KC. Inter Miami can only pass KC if they win out and Sporting lose out, and then it’s only by one point. The New York Red Bulls meanwhile can finish three points ahead of KC if they win out and KC lose out. A draw keeps Miami from catching KC and puts New York’s max point total only one ahead of Sporting’s current total of 52. So with that we’ll go with a draw but this almost doesn’t matter.

Philadelphia at Cincinnati

What we want to happen: Cincinnati win

The Philadelphia Union are 10 points behind Sporting right now while FC Cincinnati sit on 20 points and cannot catch Sporting. So this is an easy one as you root for Cincinnati to take all three points at home.

Vancouver at Seattle

What we want to happen: Vancouver win

A win by the Vancouver Whitecaps on the road would allow them to close the gap with KC to 12 points with six games left, not an insurmountable total for Vancouver, but one that KC could basically put out of reach if Sporting win in Vancouver next weekend. A Whitecaps win would also keep the Seattle Sounders within touching distance of KC with the game in hand gone for the Sounders. So go for a Whitecaps win here, maybe also cheer for red cards for the Whitecaps with Sporting being their next opponent.

Colorado at Minnesota

What we want to happen: Minnesota win

This is Sunday’s lone game this week. Again, another match up where an MLS Western Conference team in a lower playoff position faces off against a team close to KC. Again in this case KC fans are cheering for the team further down the table. Minnesota United would still trail Sporting by 11 points with six games left with a win. A win for Minnesota would also keep the Colorado Rapids four points behind Kansas City for second in the Western Conference.