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What We Want to Happen Today 11/7

A look at today’s other MLS games.

MLS: Sporting Kansas City at Austin FC Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Decision Day around MLS with playoff spots and seeding on the line around the league. For Sporting KC a win clinches a top two seed in the Western Conference and a CONCACAF Champions League spot. A loss or a draw and they could drop to third in the conference. Their opponent Real Salt Lake needs a win to clinch themselves a playoff spot. For “What We Want to Happen Today” we won’t be taking a look at the Eastern Conference match ups, true there could be personal preferences for who people may want to face in a hypothetical MLS Cup, but in the standings, nothing that goes on in the East matters for Sporting. In the event Sporting make MLS Cup, they’d host every team in the East other than the New England Revolution. So with that out of the way, here’s what Sporting want to happen in today’s other Western Conference games.

LAFC at Colorado

What we want to happen: Colorado loss/depends on how KC is doing

This is a deceptively difficult game to choose for a KC fan. Los Angeles FC are still a dangerous offensive team that could very well cause lots of problems in the playoffs with their attack. So if KC is beating Salt Lake, cheering for Colorado to knock them out of the playoffs may be what some KC fans are rooting for. If KC is losing or level with Salt Lake though opinions can change as KC is level on points with the Colorado Rapids. KC equaling Colorado’s result allows KC to finish above the Rapids because KC owns the total wins tie breaker. So a loss by the Rapids would guarantee KC a top two spot no matter how KC does against Salt Lake.

Minnesota at LA

What we want to happen: depends on your opinion of how KC matches up

Currently Minnesota United occupies the fifth spot in the West while the LA Galaxy occupy the seventh and final spot. Neither team has clinched a playoff berth and whoever loses this game will need some help to guarantee their own qualification. What KC wants to happen in this game depends on how KC view each team. Sporting went 2-0 on the season against the Galaxy winning both games by a 2-0 score lines. Against Minnesota, KC went 1-1-1 drawing 0-0 and losing 2-1 in Minnesota, but beating United in KC by a 4-0 score line. So KC has defeated both teams in KC already this season, though both teams were short handed in those games (LA was without Chicharito while Minnesota was without Emanuel Reynoso). A potential first round match up in the playoffs against either team is a very real possibility.

Austin at Portland

What we want to happen: does not matter

This game doesn’t matter to KC as the Portland Timbers are locked into the fourth seed and will host the fifth seed, whoever that is. Austin FC meanwhile is already eliminated from playoff contention.

Dallas at San Jose

What we want to happen: does not matter

Both FC Dallas and the San Jose Earthquakes are eliminated from playoff contention.

Seattle at Vancouver

What we want to happen: Vancouver win/draw

A win by the Vancouver Whitecaps or a draw combined with a win by KC would allow Kansas City to clinch the top seed in the Western Conference ahead of the Seattle Sounders and a bye in the first round of the playoffs.