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SKC Supporters issue statement backing players in CBA negotiations

The South Stand and the Cauldron banded together and joined other supporters around the league in voicing their support for the players.

The South Stand celebrating a goal
Thad Bell

With Major League Soccer holding firm in the desire to extend the CBA for two years because of the pandemic and having rejected the MLS Players Associations counteroffers so far, the possibility of a lockout before the 2021 season gets started is seemingly getting closer. Sporting Kansas City supporters groups issued a joint statement. Both South Stand SC and Kansas City Cauldron are organizing bodies or umbrella groups for smaller supporter groups. Essentially both groups herd cats, cover an end of the stadium and work together for cheers and various supporter issues.

South Stand and Cauldron

The two Kansas City groups were not alone in this effort. The Independent Supports Council which is made up of most, if not all of the supports group around the league also issued a statement of support for the players.

Follow the hashtag #LetThemPlay2021 and you will see the number of groups pledging their support for the players in this standoff.

The Cauldron celebrating a goal..,
Thad Bell