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The first ever KC WOSHOW podcast

With the NWSL back in town it is time to have a KC NWSL focused pod as well

KC NWSL warming up before practice
Thad Bell

As everyone should be aware by now, the NWSL has returned to Kansas City. The team that was FC Kansas City ceased operations after some owner issues and was reborn as the Utah Royals in 2017.

After initially being treated well, Utah experienced some owner issues as well (not a mild understatement), ceased operations and new ownership stepped up in Kansas City. With owners dedicated to treating the players, the team and fans correctly, a coach and staff that can build a good team, it is time to dedicate a pod to Kansas City NWSL.

Cindy Lara was covering FC Kansas City prior to the whole let's shut down and move to Utah decision and continued to cover them there. Cindy wrote and podcasted for our Utah counterpart and now has joined us here in Kansas City.

In our first pod we discuss the little bit of training we have seen, the various national team call ups and some of the players on the training camp roster.