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Welcome to “In the Box” with The Blue Testament

A new column dropping every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

In the box is where…

risks are taken… because courage, because desire, because “not today.”

warriors gather; the timid dare not tread; fear can’t live.

Welcome to “In the Box” with The Blue Testament (dropping every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday during the Sporting Kansas City season) where shorter, more pointed news, opinions, reactions, musings, fun, anecdotes, and observations will live, brought to you by myself (@spkclife), with guest appearances and sometime takeovers from the rest of The Blue Testament staff.

In the box is where…

hands punch, palm, pad, gather, snag, snatch; a body is thrown, stretched, leapt to the left or right, sprawled by the last one who stands in the way.

skill and quickness flourish; the decisive and the instinctive rule.

crosses are aggressively turned away, the more precise finished; incisive runs turn decisive.

Brian McBride made his meal money; Alan Pulido thrives.

So much happens in the box. Metaphorically, a lot of the same will happen here too. As always, what makes any online forum vital, fun, incisive, and worth time is your responses and discussion points. The “comments” field of any article on The Blue Testament is often the best part.

In the box is where...

sometimes, blood is shed; tension tightens; drama unfolds.

penalties are given… or taken away.

specific designs are made, tricks fine-tuned.

the faintest of movements make the biggest of differences.

lightning quick reactions are imperative.

glory is earned; redemption is taken.

final fates are determined.

Let us meet “In the Box” and make it a vital destination. See you tomorrow!