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What is success for Sporting Kansas City in 2021? - “In the Box”

Please leave your criteria in the comments.

San Jose Earthquakes v Sporting Kansas City

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The question is a simple one.

In theory.

For a sports organization like Sporting Kansas City, however, the answer is not so simple. Is success defined by the target audience of ticket buyers (or non-ticket buyers)? Or is success defined by those goals set forth by the powers that be within the organization?

Ay, there is more of the rub... should not the fans -those who consume the product in stadium, on tv, in their closets, in their hearts too - be the powers that be?

And none of that even gets into the question of how success is defined.

Ultimately, some will see whatever manifests in 2021 for Sporting Kansas City as some form of success. That’s the fun in this game.

So, let’s play. To you, what will make 2021 a successful season for Sporting Kansas City? Leave your thoughts below in the comments. Those of “In the box” will soon follow.