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Sporting KC Season Preview: Reunion Show

S4:E10 - Aly Trost returns to her Shades of Blue origins to bring some professionalism to our MLS Season Previews.

Colorado Rapids v Sporting Kansas City

After looking ahead to the MLS season through the eyes of a former player in the Part 1 of the Shades of Blue Season Preview, it’s time to hear a preview from the media’s perspective.

That means it’s time for a reunion!

810 Sports Radio’s Aly Trost returns to her Kansas City roots to provide some much needed professionalism on Shades of Blue. The old gang is back together!

We took a moment to reminisce about old times, and old smells. But soccer is in the air right now. KC WoSo started off with a wild opening match last weekend and they look like they’ll a fun team to watch. Plus, you might be seeing a lot more of Aly at those games.

How does the media view this upcoming season? What major storylines will drive the talking heads in 2021? Which new Sporting KC player will make a splash off the field? We analyze the roster line by line.

Also, we’re still arguing about food. What does a burrito mean to you?

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