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Blue Links: Jozy Altidore & Taylor Twellman Beef

Plus all the Sporting KC news & updates you need on Friday.

Colorado Rapids v Sporting Kansas City

Preseason is finally wrapping up and it’s nearly time for real life Sporting KC soccer! And we have a chance to get our first live glimpse at the team on Saturday.

SKC vs LA Galaxy
Sporting KC take on the Galaxy on Saturday at 2pm CT and the match will be live streamed on the team website & app.

Jozy Doubles Down
There’s clearly a beef based on some history between Jozy Altidore & Taylor Twellman. What that history is, we don’t know. But Jozy was not having the attempt from Twellman to bury the hatchet. I personally think Grant Wahl has the correct take on the subject.

Espinoza vs Dia
Friendly competition during training between Roger Espinoza & Amadou Dia. The guys always have a lot of fun with this game.

Kicking it up a notch
Graham Zusi says Gianluca Busio has “kicked it up three or four notches” this year. Good, because he’ll need to as the new #10.

Mic’d Up
Speaking of Busio, he was mic’d up for training. “You have a contagious smile, bro.” There’s some good stuff from Peter Vermes in there.

Pretty solid April Fool’s from SKC. Good reference that I’m sure several other teams wish they would have thought of. However, I can’t help but look at it from a brand manager perspective and I don’t think the teasing tweet beforehand was a good decision. “Hey guys what’s the one thing our fans are pissed off about right now? Let’s poke at that.”

ICYMI: Miami cancel three preseason matches
It’s straight to regular season for Inter Miami after canceling matches due to health concerns. Miami is a bit of a hot spot right now with spring breakers, so this isn’t very surprising.

Most Important Player
A list of the most important players for each MLS team. Obviously Alan Pulido is important for SKC, but there is SO much riding on the new centerback Nicolas Isimat-Mirin. So I’m going to have to begrudgingly agree with Doyle on this one.

FC Dallas transfer Thiago Santos to Gremio
Santos was in Dallas for just one season and now he’s been transferred to Brazilian club Gremio.

J. Rieger & Co. April Fool’s
Any content with Chulo is good content. He looks like a good fit for his new role.