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KC NWSL signs draft pick Kiki Pickett

The defender from Stanford is speedy and smart in both the attack and defense

Kiki Pickett in practice
Thad Bell

Kansas City NWSL announced the signing of Kiki Pickett through the 2023 season. Kansas City selected Pickett was selected with the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NWSL College Draft. Pickett is a 23-year-old defender with two NCAA Championships. She helped lead Stanford to the 2017 and 2019 Championships and is the 2021 Pac-12 Defender of the Year.

Kansas City knew they wanted Pickett and traded allocation money to Sky Blue for the fourth pick. Due to the unique year and the interruptions, drafted players could show up to camp or return to college to play out their eligibility. Pickett returned to represent the Cardinals in their spring season before joining Kansas City a few days ago.

“Pickett is a hard-hitting defender who we rated high before the draft and we were so excited to be able to draft her,” said Head Coach Huw Williams via press release. “Her spring season at Stanford only reinforced our thoughts on what she can bring to our team.”

In the last press conference, Williams talked his impressions from seeing Pickett in camp. “She is vocal already which is always a very good sign when a young player comes in and is feeling comfortable sharing information with teammates, veteran teammates.”

“Her quickness and determination stand out in practice immediately when you see her,” Williams added.

Pickett has normally lined up as a right back but utilizes her speed to join in the attack, a trait that Williams will want to see from Kansas City’s recent addition.

Pickett squared

Kiki has now joined second round selection Victoria Pickett on the roster, leading Williams to refer to them a “Pickett squared”. Victoria has been one of the bright spots in the early season matches for KC NWSL. If the second Pickett can have as much impact, the team will be more dangerous.