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“In the Box”: Home with Sporting Kansas City

Children’s Mercy Park better be rocking tonight.

MLS: U.S. Open Cup Final-New York Red Bulls at Sporting KC Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, fans will fill Sporting Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Park to capacity for the first time since March 7, 2020. Nothing is like returning to that place, to those people, that truly make you feel at home. Home to that place where you feel free to embrace all that surrounds you.

It is time to make THE difference for a team that is maturing and now sits second place in MLS’s Western Conference. How far Sporting KC rises will be, in significant part, up to you... the fans. See from 00:39 on below:

All have longed for the sensations, the unified vocalizations, and the feelings that only a full house of fans can bring. And when the battle is against longtime rivals Houston Dynamo, even better. Release all that remains pent up; unleash that sheer joy long muted.

See, hear, and feel you tonight, Sporting fans. No excuses. Leave it all in the stands as your boys leave it all on the field.