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Pod with grassroots soccer club Sunflower State FC

More local soccer is always a good thing!

Warming up before the rivalry match
Thad Bell

Sunflower State FC is a great example of the soccer boom in this country. They are a grass roots team playing in the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) and MASL 3 with plans for continued growth.

With their season wrapping up soon, it seemed like a perfect time to have a chat with them. Thad was joined on a pod by Joey Lipoff (CEO/owner), Andrew Lentell (General manager/Owner, Nick McDonald (head coach, forward and current scoring leader) and Salvatore Sesti (PR, play-by-play, moral support, and official sunflower grower). Andrew and Sal are both Doctors of Physical Therapy which plays a role in how they all met but you can listen to the pod for that story.

Sunflower State FC is going into their last game of the season with a chance to win the division, they host Des Moines United FC at Avila University on the 26th at 6:15 PM. If they win and get a little help they could advance to the UPSL playoffs.

One of the good stories in Kansas City is the Youth RISE Club and how they help mentor at-risk youth within the Kansas City community. providing means of redirection through extra-curricular activities, primarily soccer.

Sunflower State FC is sponsoring a golf tournament on August 7th to benefit Youth RISE KC. We discuss it on the pod briefly but here is a link to register.

Barilleros FC is another UPSL team in Kansas City and both teams have Kansas City Comets players so they are a fun rivalry to watch.

Proof that the crosstown rivalry match was a little intense but still a lot of fun....
Thad Bell