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Multiple Sources Confirm Bids Received for Gianluca Busio from Italy and Netherlands

The Sporting Kansas City star is generating even more buzz in 2021.

Thad Bell

The rumor mill is churning again. Gianluca Busio is once again being linked to a move to Europe. We’ve got a whole portion of the site dedicated to it since it happens so often. This time the Sporting Kansas City striker winger midfielder has two parties in the know claiming bids have been made. ESPN’s Taylor Twellman and’s Tom Bogert.

Twellman states “multiple [Serie A] teams have put in bids” and Bogert confirms the Serie A news and adds in an unnamed Dutch club. Twellman also states the 19-year-old is “on the radar of [the USMNT].” Too bad he wasn’t on their radar when they failed once again to qualify for the Olympics.

Busio has had a hell of a 2021 so far. He’s started all eight of Sporting KC’s games, picking up two goals and an assist. He’s done that while playing three difference positions. He started the season as a false 9 (striker) to cover for the injured Alan Pulido. He then moved to his usual position in one of Sporting’s two advance midfield spots (commonly referred to as an 8). And in the recent weeks he’s moved to defensive midfielder (the 6) to cover for injuries on the backline so Ilie Sanchez can play in central defense.

Not only has he played three positions in 2021, he’s played them all well. Personally, I wouldn’t mind him being the starter at many positions around the Kansas City lineup and have joked the team should clone him (#CloneBusio). If such technology existed, it’s a must-do.

The young American (with an Italian Passport) is under contract with Kansas City through the end of the season with an option for 2022. If he’s still around by the end of the year, there is no question that gets picked up. Perhaps SKC consider signing him to a U-22 Initiative (#YoungMoney) deal to ensure he doesn’t walk away for free. If he somehow remains with Kansas City (and doesn’t have a new deal) he can sign a pre-contract in the summer of 2022 and leave for free following that season.

So a sale is coming, it’s just a matter of when. Twellman states “he’s ready for the move” though it’s unclear if he talked to Busio (or his representatives) or if he’s just assessing his skills. Either way, there is some truth to it. He has the talent and in the past he’s made it clear Europe is his goal. Regardless I don’t expect him to be distracted by this since he’s been dealing with it since he was barely a teenager.

Until more specific teams come out and the price gets high enough, Busio will remain in KC, but enjoy him while he’s here. Twellman has been wrong before, like in 2019 when he said he’d “be shocked if Busio was at [Sporting KC] much longer.” Eventually, someone will be right. It could very well be Twellman.

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