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Vermes and two players are in MLS Health and Safety Protocols

Vermes may not be on the sideline for the next match

Vermes may not be on the sideline Wednesday
Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City held their pregame media availability Monday and right out of the gate Manager Peter Vermes came out strong with player news that will likely impact the lineup for Wednesday's game with San Jose.

The first bit of news from Vermes was “Felipe Hernandez is on leave for personal reasons, and I will not be taking any questions on that. I will be updating you guys when the time is appropriate.”

Vermes then told media, “There are a few players, including myself that are on MLS Safety Protocols at the moment.”

“Regarding Busio, there is a tremendous amount of information out there currently around him. There is nothing official so since there is nothing official, I really don't have anything to comment on,” Vermes added to his opening statement knowing he would be asked.

With follow-up questions Vermes elaborated that it is two players on the MLS Health and Safety Protocols, and it was “probably unlikely” that they would be available for the next game.

When asked if he would be on the sideline, Vermes said he could not answer the question because did not know himself.

Vermes said the team has followed all the protocols from the league and the surrounding area and that “Between the whole technical staff and the players, we were one hundred percent vaccinated.”

The team already was missing two players for international duty, Gianluca Busio with the US and Alan Pulido with Mexico for the Gold Cup and the additional absences will not help of course. “It will be some shuffling, but we will put a good team on the field like we always try to,” Vermes stated.