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Game Notes: KC NWSL @ Racing Louisville

KC NWSL records its 13th game without a win as they lose to Racing Lousville 1-3.

Photo: NWSL / ISI Photos

Kansas City NWSL went to Louisville to face Racing Louisville on Sunday, the league’s expansion team, and lost 1-3, marking the thirteenth game without a win. Despite a Darian Jenkins goal, her first of the season, that tied the game at 1-1 going into halftime, Louisville scored two goals of their own in the second half to make it 3-1.

It’s another game without a win...

Some could be counting; others probably lost track, but that’s the 13th game of the regular season without a win, so basically, the entire season. We could count the 4 games of the Challenge Cup (also winless), but those don’t count, so let’s stick with 13.

Things are just not clicking in Kansas City. For a while, there was chatter that it was the roster, that the team that came over from Utah was already going to struggle, and we could validate that, maybe back in April, but we’re halfway through the season now. There’s been some changes to that roster. At some point, we gotta stop blaming the roster. It ain’t the roster, folks.

The game plan and the tactics are simply not working. The attack looks stagnant. The players look lost. The passes are weak. Last week, after the loss at Portland, head coach Huw Williams said they were on the right track, but it sure doesn’t seem like it.

At what point, does the KC front office begin to look for options? There are many in the soccer KC community who respect Huw Williams a lot, and that’s understandable. He knows how to identify talent, but he is having trouble coaching this team.

Scoring summary

43’ - Savannah McCaskill sent in a cross. Ebony Salmon deflected it into the net to give Louisville the 1-0.

45’ + 9 - KC’s Kiki Pickett sent a cross to Mallory Weber. Weber’s was saved and rebounded out to Darian Jenkins who was right in front of the goal to knock home the game tying goal.

55’ - Nadia Nadim sprinted to the near post to receive a pass from McCaskill. Nadim would score on a header for the 2-1 lead

86’ - Cheyna Mathews was able to capitalize on a ball she stole and put it in the back of the net.