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Sporting KC Release New Kit Numbers for 2022

Gadi Kinda is the big change, but others make the list, including the new signings.

MLS: Minnesota United FC at Sporting Kansas City
As we prepare to say goodbye to the “Swiss Dots,” we learn what new numbers players will be wearing in 2022.
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know what it is, but I’m weirdly obsessed with what numbers players players wear (here is a quick look back: 2019, 2020, 2021). Sometimes, it’s hard to see players so it’s good to have an identifying feature, whether it’s their number, hair style or boot colors. Every year, new players join the team (and old ones leave) plus a few players make the decision to switch the number they wear on their kit.

Tucked inside the release of the 2022 preseason schedule were a few number changes. Most notably, Gadi Kinda switched from #17 to #10. It’s a prestigious number (worn by many KC greats) and Kinda actually tried to make the switch in the middle of last season when Gianluca Busio left for Italy. However, MLS rules didn’t allow that, so the switch will start in 2022, whenever Kinda is finally able to return from knee surgery.

With the freeing up of the #17, midfielder Jake Davis moved into that one after leaving behind his #46 (photographed above with Cam Duke hugging his jersey goodbye). #17 feels fitting. Roger Espinoza wore it for a while and Davis is built in that mold. He’ll hopefully get to bring some of his tenacity to an MLS pitch this year.

The other new numbers belong to player who are new to Sporting KC. The returning Uri Rosell picks up the #6, left by Ilie Sanchez who is now with LAFC. Uri wore #20 last time he was here but Daniel Salloi boasts that number so Uri moves to the more traditional #6, considering his position on the pitch. New CB and Kansas native Kortne Ford takes the #12 for his arrival, last worn by Gerso Fernandes.

Another new signing snags another old number. Left back Ben Sweat slides into the #2 which was recently vacated by the traded Jaylin Lindsey. The last new signing (as of this writing) is fellow left back Logan Ndenbe. The young Belgian will wear #18, last worn by Eric Dick.

The other guys aren’t officially on the roster as they are either with SKC II: Jahon Rad (#48), Aljaz Dzankic (#50) [both unchanged]; MLS SuperDraft picks: Esai Easley (#31), Brett St. Martin (#33); with the SKC Academy: Michael Lenis (#13), Ryan Reid (#26) and Coby Jones (#27); or trialists: Ethan Bandre (#55), Spencer Glass (#80). In case you see some preseason photos on social media, now you know what you are looking at.

Here is the full list of changes or new numbers.

New SKC Numbers for 2022

# Player Prior #
# Player Prior #
2 Ben Sweat N/A
6 Uri Rosell N/A
10 Gadi Kinda 17
12 Kortne Ford N/A
17 Jake Davis 46
18 Logan Ndenbe N/A