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Pod: In-depth discussion on the SKC year-end roster parts 2 and 3 are online

In depth discussion across the entire roster, from DP’s to Homegrown players, every line is analyzed for what could and should happen

A lot of love when goals are scored
Thad Bell

With Sporting Kansas City officially out of the playoffs, the biggest topic to discuss is what will happen with the roster in the off-season. Various articles have already been published here and here. A helpful contract status guide can be found here. Chad Smith wrote an interesting look at the potential roster flexibility and new contributor Nathan Jowers takes a look at some potential MLS targets.

A little while before the end of the season, the three Blue Testament contributors that have covered the team the longest got together and discussed every player on the roster. Robert Rusert, Mike Kuhn, and Thad Bell spoke in-depth about each player, bringing stats and personal insight.

With possible hard decisions on each line, we break down where they are with their contracts, salary, stats and what each one of us thinks should happen. Sometimes we agree, and sometimes we don’t, but that is the beauty of it.

We do not just discuss the players that are out of contract or on a team option, but we take a look at every one. Even players still on contract could have their contracts bought out or there can be a “mutual agreement to part ways” and that impacts the overall roster. From DP’s to Homegrown’s, nobody is safe.

These have all been online for a while now so do not forget to subscribe to our podcasts for content on all the local soccer teams.

The first episode focuses on the keepers and defenders.

The second episode focuses on the midfielders.

The third episode focuses on the forwards and wrapping it all up together.