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Pod: Keeping Current with KC - Groundbreaking and Playoffs

Listen as we discuss the Current breaking ground on their stadium and about to appear in their first playoff game

Thad Bell

Thad Bell from The Blue Testament and Daniel Sperry from the Kansas City Star chat about the Kansas Current’s groundbreaking for their new stadium, and what it means for the future, not only for the Current but the NWSL and women’s sports in general. It was an emotional week around the NWSL and a positive step forward was much appreciated. The groundbreaking event was a celebration for the Current, the fans and the future of the NWSL. Setting a standard for women’s soccer and other women’s sports is discussed and more.

On Sunday the Current will travel to Houston to face the Dash. We give our thoughts and opinions on the Current’s first playoff game including some probably wrong predictions. Who will replace Desiree Scott (out with a red card in the last match), and what will it take for the Current to come out on the winning side are a couple of the topics.