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The KC Current’s Contract Situations at the End of 2022

Who is signed and for how long on the Kansas City Current. Plus all their known contract option years.

Imagn | KC Current

The 2022 National Women’s Soccer League season came to an end on Saturday night in the nation’s capital when the Portland Thorns defeated the Kansas City Current. It was a bitter end to an otherwise amazing season for KC, who went from last place in 2021 all the way to the NWSL Championship in 2022.

However, when the season ends, the offseason immediately begins. The KC Current have confirmed to The Blue Testament they’ll be releasing all their contract information around the middle of November. In the meantime, let’s break down what we do know about who is out of contract, who has a contract option and who is signed beyond 2022.

What We Don’t Know

The NWSL, as is often still the case in MLS, is a bit tight-lipped with the contract information of their players. That being said, from day one the Kansas City Current have, like Sporting Kansas City across town, been much more transparent with disclosing information in the press releases of player signings and re-signings. Because of that transparency, most of the below information is known to us.

There are, however, limits to what we know. There are players that were acquired via trade where their prior teams didn’t disclose contract information. For that reason, nothing is known of the contract of AD Franch and Cassie Miller. The rest of the information was obtained from press releases provided by the teams.

Out of Contract with No Option Years

Desiree Scott, Kate Del Fava, Taylor Leach, Jaycie Johnson, Kristen Edmonds, Addie McCain, Cece Kizer

Looking down that list and you have four starters from the championship game in Scott, Del Fava, Edmonds and Kizer. Of note from that list are Scott and Edmonds, who are already free to negotiate with other teams because of the new NWSL free agency. And they have been able to since August 26th.

There are plenty of players on this list who are likely priorities, but we’ll get into that in a future story.

Out of Contract but with Option Year(s)

2023 Option Only: Addisyn Merrick, Sydney Schneider

2023 & 2024 Option: Jenna Winebrenner, Izzy Rodriguez

All four of these women seem likely to have their options picked up, but you never know. The rosters in the NWSL are only so big and it’s always possible players will want to have the option to leave to potentially get more minutes elsewhere.

Full Kansas City Current Roster

Below is the full roster of all the players on the KC Current roster as of today with the date of their signing/acquisition, any known roster designations, when their contract expires and if they have any known option years.

KC Current Roster - End of 2022

Player Position Status Joined Expiration Options
Player Position Status Joined Expiration Options
Desiree Scott MID 12/7/2020 2022 None
Kate Del Fava DEF/MID 12/7/2020 2022 None
Taylor Leach CB 12/7/2020 2022 None
Mallory Weber DEF 12/7/2020 2023 None
Elizabeth Ball CB 12/7/2020 2024 None
Lo'eau LaBonta MID 12/7/2020 2024 None
Jaycie Johnson FWD 12/23/2020 2022 None
Alex Loera DEF/MID 1/14/2021 2024 None
Chloe Logarzo MID INT 1/28/2021 2023 None
Kristen Edmonds DEF 1/30/2021 2022 None
Addie McCain MID/FWD 3/2/2021 2022 None
Kirsten Hamilton FWD 7/22/2021 2024 None
Hailie Mace DEF 7/22/2021 2024 None
Adrianna Franch GK 8/17/2021 UNK UNK
Samantha Mewis MID 11/30/2021 2023 None
Lynn Williams FWD 1/10/2022 2023 None
Cassie Miller GK 2/18/2022 UNK UNK
Jenna Winebrenner DEF 3/15/2022 2022 2023, 2024
Izzy Rodriguez LB 3/15/2022 2022 2023, 2024
Elsye Bennett FWD 3/15/2022 2024 None
Chardonnay Curran MID 3/15/2022 2024 None
Sydney Schneider GK 3/23/2022 2022 2023
Cece Kizer FWD 6/9/2022 2022 None
Addisyn Merrick CB 6/9/2022 2022 2023
Claire Lavogez MID/FWD INT 7/20/2022 2023 2024