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For the Glory KC: A New KC Soccer Podcast

Sporting Kansas City, the Kansas City Current and even SKC II. All things KC soccer are up for discussion.

Chad Smith

For over a year David Greenwald and myself (Chad Smith) have been tossing around the idea of a new Kansas City themed soccer podcast. There are a half dozen of them already, so why not one more?

There are plenty of teams to cover between Sporting Kansas City, the KC Current, SKC II and even a little USMNT/USWNT (there is a World Cup coming up after all). As for what this podcast will focus on, that’s up for discussion. David wants to talk tactics. I want to talk nerdy MLS/NWSL roster mechanisms and rules. We both want to breakdown the roster, lineups, rumors and more.

For the debut episode David and I discuss all things MLS Expansion draft. With Sporting KC’s protected list out we break down what can be drawn from who was protected and who wasn’t. The unprotected players include Nicolas Isimat-Mirin, Andreu Fontas, Roger Espinoza, Tim Melia, Ben Sweat, Kendall McIntosh, Khiry Shelton and Uri Rosell. There is a mix of free agents, players on option years and guys already guaranteed for 2023 or beyond.

While the draft went down Friday night, we recorded on Thursday but are still figuring this whole podcast thing out. I (Chad) nailed the Nicolas Gioacchini pick but no other Sporting KC players were picked.

You can find For the Glory KC wherever you get your podcasts and in The Blue Testament’s podcast feed.

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Also, you can find the podcast on all the social media platforms: @ForTheGloryKC on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The temporary intro music is by Kristian Leo and is from the song “Ride it Like You Mean It.”