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KC Current and NWSL Offseason Schedule

The season is over but the offseason is about to kick into full swing.

SOCCER: OCT 23 NWSL Playoffs - Kansas City Current at OL Reign Photo by Jeff Halstead/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 10th season of the National Women’s Soccer League came to an end this past weekend when the Portland Thorns defeated the Kansas City Current to lift their third championship trophy. That puts them first all-time in NWSL titles, sort of in a tie with the Western New York Flash/North Carolina Courage who have a combined three titles and are the same franchise and just ahead of Kansas City who had two titles as FC Kansas City.

But enough about last season, it’s time to look at at what we can look forward to in the offseason as the KC Current look to build towards another great season in 2023.

Monday, October 31 – Trade Window Opened

On Halloween the NWSL immediately commenced with their offseason. As of this writing no moves have been made but knowing the front office of the KC Current, Camille and Huw are probably hard at work trying to swing the next big move to solidify this team. The trade window closes on Friday, November 11 at 11:00 a.m. CT.

Friday, November 4 — Final 2022 Current Press Conference

The Kansas City Current will hold their final press conference for media at 10:00 AM CT. This availability will of course include Coach Matt Potter, but it will also include General Manager Camille Levin Ashton, who isn’t someone we get to talk to as often.

This event may start to give insights as to what is coming on the roster decision deadline or even have early announcements.

Tuesday, November 15 – Roster Decision Deadline

This is the big deadline where we find out a few lingering questions, if the information hasn’t already been released, we’ll know by the 15th.

First off, we’ll get clarification on the contract situations that are unknown for AD Franch and Cassie Miller. Then we’ll find out if options were triggered for the four players who have them built into their contracts. Finally, there are another seven players out of contract and we will hopefully start hearing news on if they are re-signing, in negotiations, moving on or potentially retiring. This could be a very big day.

Friday, November 18 – Trade Window Re-Opens

After the freeze on November 11th, this will re-open the trade window into the foreseeable future for teams to continue to tinker ahead of the draft and the start of the season.

Thursday, January 12 – 2023 NWSL Draft, Philadelphia, PA

Perhaps the offseason’s biggest event is the NWSL Draft. Unlike in MLS, major players are still available through the draft, even in the later rounds, and the KC Current will be very active. They have an astonishing eight draft picks (one first, three seconds, one third and three fourths) in 2023. While I doubt they make all eight of those selections and will surely either trade them for future picks or package them to go get players they want, it’s a lot of draft capital considering they traded their first round pick away and only started with four overall.

And while Kansas City won’t be picking first (look at the history of the first overall pick!) they have consistently found players to contribute and potential future stars in the draft.

Preseason and Beyond

In 2022, preseason camp started on February 1st. So it’s not all that far away that we can look forward to more Kansas City Current soccer. The NWSL Challenge Cup began for KC on March 18th and the season kicked off on April 30th. We know the Challenge Cup is coming back in 2023 with pay increases to bring it on par with the US Open Cup in Men’s soccer.

Stay with The Blue Testament for more offseason news and happenings as they become available.

This story originally said we were unsure the Challenge Cup was coming back but thanks to Mike McGrew on Twitter for the link. The story has been updated with that info.