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For the Glory KC: A Casual Perspective on KC Soccer

Chad is back with a new co-host to discuss the USMNT, Sporting KC’s offseason moves (as well as the KC Current and SKC II) and a little of Apple TV’s new MLS pricing.

MLS: Sporting Kansas City at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After a brief delay, For the Glory KC is back in all its... glory. This time I’m back (Chad!) with a new co-host. My wife, Sheena, is joining the podcast to add a more casual perspective and to carve out our own niche. She gives a little history of her getting into soccer and she’ll definitely bring all the Instagram tidbits I miss.

On this week’s episode of the pod, we have a lot of catching up to do as a lot has happened around the soccer world. First, we dive into the USMNT’s success at the World Cup on the heels of eliminating Iran and advancing to the round of 16. Sheena and I give our thoughts on the game before turning to KC soccer.

Then we turn our attention to Sporting Kansas City and their offseason roster moves. From the shockingly long deal for Khiry Shelton, to the outstanding new contract for Felipe Hernandez and all the veterans that may or may not be sticking around (Graham Zusi, Roger Espinoza, Andreu Fontas, etc.). Plus Sheena, as a more casual follower, gets educated on the weirdness of MLS roster mechanisms like the Re-Entry Process (stages one and two) with a brief overview of how Nicolas Isimat-Mirin got drafted.

Then the discussion moves quickly to the KC Current and SKC II before closing out on the new Apple TV deal (checkout Farmhand’s piece on that for more details).

You can find For the Glory KC wherever you get your podcasts (and if it’s not somewhere, leave me a comment below, email us or DM us on Twitter and we’ll work on that). Just search “For the Glory KC” and be sure to subscribe!

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The temporary intro music is by Kristian Leo and is from the song “Ride it Like You Mean It.”