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The Kansas City Current attracted two of the best free agents available

How will Gautrat and DiBernardo fit in with the Current

Kansas City Current training center
Thad Bell

The Kansas City Current are not afraid of making a splash and setting a standard. With the first year of free agency in the NWSL under the new CBA, the Current signed not one, but two of the best free agents available. Morgan Gautrat and Vanessa DiBernardo are now Kansas City Current players.

Both Gautrat and DiBernardo have been a big part of the success the Chicago Red Stars have experienced over the last few years. To get one of them would be a good signing but to bring both in together was a surprise.

Daniel Sperry from the Kansas City Star and Thad Bell from The Blue Testament discuss the signings, the impact, and what it means for next season in the latest Keeping Current pod.

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