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Does Sporting KC need more international players?

MLS had plenty of representation at this World Cup, but none from Sporting KC.

Houston Dynamo FC v Sporting Kansas City Photo by Bill Barrett/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The World Cup has put on display some wonderful talent from all over the world, not just Europe and South America. Of all the leagues around the globe, Major League Soccer has the fifth most players representing their countries on the biggest stage. But none from Sporting KC.

In this episode of Shades of Blue we pose the question, ‘Does a lack of players on international teams reflect a ceiling for SKC?’

We start off with a heavy heart for the passing of Grant Wahl. But this show couldn’t possibly tribute him any better than the collective outpouring of stories & love from everyone with whom he connected over the years. So do yourself a favor and head over to Twitter to read some of the stories and learn just how impactful Grant was to the game we love so much.

And then we make fun of David because Brazil lost.

Sporting KC has been linked with Matt Hedges. We talk centerback and roster needs. Should SKC look to Africa and Asia to find more players?

Meanwhile the Current made a couple signings. Plus, Jenna Winebrenner is now an Assistant Coach of the KC Comets.

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