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For the Glory KC: Does Vermes Have the Right Offseason Priorities?

He listed out two positions of need, so we decide if we agree or if the team should go in another direction.

MLS: Sporting Kansas City at FC Dallas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

For the Glory KC is back for its fourth episode of the season. On this week’s episode we try to come to terms with the shocking death of Grant Wahl. Then we awkwardly (is there any other way) transition to talking about all the other soccer stories going on in the world.

This week’s big question is about Peter Vermes’ offseason priorities for Sporting Kansas City. He’s said that right center back and a third striker are at the top of the list. That leads to a fun discussion where I (Chad) remind Sheena that Kortne Ford is on the roster for the second time in this podcast’s short existence, bring up the forgotten Ozzie Cisneros and we work the Matt Hedges rumor into the conversation.

Also, up for discussion this week are some interesting quotes from Daniel Salloi (and his travel plans), an MLS schedule release rumor, SKC II’s new signing, the USMNT drama around Gio Reyna and our new segment the Digital Crawl where we run through a ton of news in a quick manner, including some KC Current and USWNT news.

Here is a quick rundown of topics with approximate times (the ads can vary in length):

  • Grant Wahl - Beginning
  • SKC’s Offseason Priorities - 13:41
  • Matt Hedges Rumor - 22:30
  • Salloi on rejecting Europe - 26:01
  • MLS Schedule rumors - 32:00
  • SKC II Signing - 34:10
  • USMNT/Gio Reyna - 38:05
  • USMNT in Copa America - 44:43
  • MLS Linear TV Deal - 47:35
  • KC Current - 49:47
  • USWNT/She Believes Cup - 51:32
  • New NWSL Rule - 53:55
  • The UFC’s Dana White and his silly soccer quote - 56:22

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The temporary outro music is by Kristian Leo and is from the song “Ride it Like You Mean It.” Our more somber intro music this week is from Oleksii Kaplunskyi.