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Waves of Rivals - Comets in between a pair of two-game weekends

No rest for the Comets or pod hosts

Leo and his team
Thad Bell

Erik Bergrud from the Kansas City Comets broadcast team and Thad Bell from The Blue Testament are back with episode four of The Blue Turf. The Kansas City Comets are in between a pair of two-game weekends with not much rest.

After splitting the last weekend with a loss at the Mesquite Outlaws and an overtime win at home versus the Milwaukee Wave, the Comets travel to Milwaukee on Friday and come home to face St. Louis on the blue turf.

We chat about the games from last weekend, the two rookies that earned their first minutes, and a little bit about the post-game fracas with Milwaukee.

An update (of sorts) on the visa and injury issues for the Comets and a look at the Wave and Ambush games.

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