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World Cup Open thread - groups G and H decide which teams advance

Eight team enter... four teams advance

Korea Republic v Portugal: Group H - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

Eight teams enter and four teams advance. Only two spots open today as both Brazil and Portugal already have their place in the Round of 16.

Group H

South Korea vs. Portugal, 9 a.m. on Fox and Telemundo

Portugal has already advanced with six points and is not playing their best squad but Christiano Ronaldo is out there looking for a goal since this is probably his last World Cup. Right?

South Korea only has one point and their manager is not on the bench after receiving a red card after the last game. The Koreans need to beat Portugal and Uruguay to beat Ghana to stand a chance.


Portugal claimed an early lead in the fifth minute. Not sure if Ronaldo will take credit later.

South Korea equalizes!

South Korea takes the lead and Uruguay wins 2-0 but fails to advance. Another round of drama. Goals, teams fighting to score, and others barely holding on.

Korea Republic v Portugal: Group H - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Photo by Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Ghana vs. Uruguay, 9 a.m. on FS1 and Universo

Ghana sits in second place with three points and could still advance with a loss but a draw would increase their chance and of course, a win ensures a Round of 16 spot.

Uruguay has a single point and needs a win and a result in the other game to help them out a bit. This could be one of those groups where differential and fair play points are discussed by the announcers.


Ghana doesn’t score on a penalty and Uruguay turns around and scores. Deja Vu?

And Uruguay!

And another!

Group G

Cameroon vs. Brazil, 1 p.m. on Fox and Telemundo

Brazil is in with six points and Cameroon has one point. Brazil may not be as flashy as their history but they put up two solid wins 2-0 and 1-0 while Cameroon lost to the Swiss and drew 3-3 with Serbia.

Serbia vs. Switzerland, 1 p.m. on FS1 and Universo

Switzerland has three and Serbia a single point. The Swiss are probably through with a draw but Serbia is no pushover. Switzerland has played two 1-0 games, a win and a loss so their games tend to be tight and low scoring but this is the World Cup. IT could go crazy. Serbia lost 2-0 to Brazil and had a 3-3 draw with Cameroon.