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What are the odds both Pulido & Kinda return to top form?

Two star players are returning to Sporting KC’s roster, hopefully.

Austin FC v Sporting Kansas City Photo by Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Without two of their best players for the entire 2022 season, Sporting KC’s struggles were obvious. The most expensive player in club history, striker Alan Pulido, and star midfielder Gadi Kinda did not play a single minute last season.

Their impending return to this roster is a very exciting thought. Just imagine the potential next season! But what are the chances both players are able to regain their top form after such serious injuries?

More specifically, which player does Sporting KC more need to be at their best?

That question leads our SKC discussion in the latest episode of the Shades of Blue Soccer Show. However, we start things off with what was possibly the greatest sporting event any of us have ever seen.

Argentina have won the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Lionel Messi is a World Cup Champion! We’re all better humans for having witnessed such a display. So, it wouldn’t be right to talk about it without our friend Kevin Lopez, Kansas City’s favorite Argentine.

Kevin talks about the emotions behind this win and what it means to his family. The love Argentina has for this sport just hits differently than other nations.

The discussion of Messi vs Ronaldo has been put to bed. How important was this trophy to Messi’s legacy?

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