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The Best Kansas City Soccer Twitter Accounts to Follow

If you’ve been thinking of getting into Twitter, we’ll give you some accounts to follow.

Twitter App Photo Illustration Photo by Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

So, you’ve been thinking of setting up a Twitter account. Not necessarily to share your opinions to the world (though it’s an option), but to put your finger on the pulse a bit. Well, we here at The Blue Testament want to help you with that! Keep reading for all the best accounts to follow, plus some lists if following a bunch of individual accounts is too much effort.

Best Overall KC Soccer Follow

As much as I’d like to lie to you and tell you all it’s my account (@PlayFor90 BTW), it is assuredly not. But it is one of my colleagues.

@DownTheByline — Mike Kuhn

Mike is responsible for finding much of the content that you see show up on TBT. Not only does he seemingly Tweet nearly everything first, but he is often responsible for getting things into The Blue Testament Slack channel first. Mike gets to stuff for Sporting Kansas City, the KC Current, SKC II, the KC Comets are more. And you can tell he’s respected around league circles as they will often retweet (RT) his stuff.

Twitter has a feature where you can click the little ‘bell’ notification and get all of an account’s Tweets pushed to your phone. I used to not do this for Mike because of the number of Tweets. But just swipe away the ones you don’t want. You’ll be more informed for it.

Mikeapedia is a must follow.

Other Overall Considerations

In a bit more self-serving writing, there are other The Blue Testament writers worth a follow. First, our site manager.

@TheBackpost — Thad Bell

Thad has more Tweets of great information stored in his drafts folder than probably anyone connected to KC soccer. He’s an absolute must on the notification button too because he never Tweets too much. In fact, I would argue he Tweets too little. He does a good job of getting to the vast majority of the press conferences for Sporting KC and the Current and also does a great job of getting insight from sources within the teams to clarify news and rumors.

@DanielSperry94 — Daniel Sperry

Sperry is a writer for the Kansas City Star and is on the beat for SKC and the Current. Like Thad, he’s at a lot of the press conferences for the teams and since he works for the town’s biggest newspaper, he sometimes gets scoops. The one knock I’ll give Daniel (and he’s a great guy, so no complaints overall), is that his Twitter isn’t just KC soccer. But it’s still an essential follow.

@PlayFor90 — Chad Smith

Is fourth too high on this list to put myself? I did debate it in my brain for a while, but I’m writing the story and I gave myself bonus points for almost exclusively Tweeting about soccer. It had to be done!

While my day job keeps me out of all the events that Thad and Daniel go to and doesn’t allow me to break as much news, I still get to break news on occasion. Plus, I tend to go back to the recordings of press conferences and transcribe quotes that are hard to snag live. Here is my plea to go follow me. I’ve been grinding away on the KC soccer news beat for seven or eight years and I only have 2,175 followers as of this writing. And who knows how many of them are bots!

@AlyTrostMartin — Aly Trost Martin

The former TBT writer and video journalist has blossomed into a sideline reporter, play-by-play announcer, radio darling and all-around presence in Kansas City sports. With MLS moving off local broadcasts and to Apple TV, I’m not sure what the future holds for Aly, but I’m sure she’ll be involved in multiple ways.

@Nate_Bukaty — Nate Bukaty

Nate is absolutely the voice of Sporting Kansas City. Like Aly, I don’t know what his future holds, but he’s a KC kid, so he’ll definitely be Tweeting about Kansas City soccer.

@SamMcDowell11 — Sam McDowell

While no longer on the Sporting KC beat for the KC Star, McDowell still writes fantastic stories about SKC from time to time and breaks news. However, his account is heavily focused on the Kansas City Chiefs now, which is probably fine for many of you.

@PJGreenTV — PJ Green

PJ is a digital sports reporter for Fox 4 KC and is frequently out covering the Kansas City Current along with other KC sports.

@KEVINCHO_TV — Kevin Lopez

A bit of a newcomer to the Sporting KC scene, Kevin is making us all look bad by having more followers than most of us that have been at this for years. I need Kevin’s help being better at the internet. He’s not breaking news, but he’s engaging and is all in on his social media.

@BlueTestamentKC — The Blue Testament

And of course, you need to follow the TBT account!

Lists Instead of Accounts

There are tons of other accounts you could follow for Kansas City soccer, but instead of listing them all (as it’s ever changing), I recommend following these two lists that I try to keep updated.

Kansas City Soccer — Twitter List

Inside this list you’ll find all kinds of folks that are related to soccer around KC. It has members of the PR staff, folks who work for the teams in some capacity or another and a lot more. Or if you are more interested in following players, there is a list for that.

Kansas City Players — Twitter List

Sometimes I intentionally leave former players on this list too, but I try to keep it as up to date as possible when the teams sign new players. It’s got the guys from Sporting KC, the women of the KC Current, plus some SKC II and Academy players.

Team Accounts

An essential to any list of accounts to follow are the official sources. While teams Tweet out things to sell tickets and the other parts of running a business, they constantly break news with announcements that are official. Here is a quick list of the KC Soccer teams.

Supporter’s Groups

Along with the team accounts, the Supporter’s Groups accounts can be a good follow too. There are a ton of them, so my apologies but I’m just going to list the biggest ones and not their subsidiaries.

The Blue Testament Staffers

In addition to the accounts mentioned above, a lot of our writers are on Twitter. Follow them!

Other KC Soccer Related Follows

There are numerous other accounts that touch on Kansas City soccer that are worth a follow. I went through my likes on Twitter and just listed out the accounts that came up that I haven’t already mentioned. I can’t even begin to list them all, but here are a few I follow (let me know in the comments if there is a gem I missed).

American Soccer at Large

In addition to all the good content about Kansas City soccer, Twitter is full of good reporting going on for basically any topic you are interested in. Since this is a Kansas City soccer site, we’ll keep it to American soccer.

@tombogert — Tom Bogert

The source of MLS news and rumors. It’s unlikely he sleeps.

@samstejskal — Sam Stejskal

@PaulTenorio — Paul Tenorio

The hosts of Allocation Disorder and consistent news breakers for The Athletic.

@JeffreyCarlisle — Jeff Carlisle

A long-time reporter for ESPN and great source for American soccer news.

@SoccerInsider — Steven Goff

Another long-term source of news and reporter for the Washington Post.

@itsmeglinehan — Meg Linehan

@ScoutRipley — Claire Watkins

I didn’t want to leave the ladies out and Meg and Claire are two of the best sources on all things NWSL and USWNT.

@MattDoyle76 — Matthew Doyle

Love him or hate him, he does basically just live MLS for all the hours of his days.

If you prefer, I have a list of essential US soccer journalists/personalities, so you can follow them all in one place.

What accounts did I miss? What should be added to this list? This can be a living document! Let me know in the comments below (I’ve already added and will continue to add suggestions).