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Sporting KC’s Roster has Very Little Change, is that a Problem?

Plus a look at all the KC Current roster moves, the United States being bounced from the World Cup and the possibility of the KC Chiefs moving to Kansas.

MLS: New England Revolution at Sporting Kansas City Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back with another episode of For the Glory KC talking all things Kansas City soccer. This week, Sheena and I (Chad!) are joined by The Blue Testament community member Eric Reuter aka Farmhand.

There are no shortage of topics to discuss after a big week of news from Sporting Kansas City and the KC Current. Sporting KC announced the return of veteran stars Graham Zusi, Roger Espinoza and Andreu Fontas and we break down our thoughts on their returns, the salary implications and try to answer a bigger question about the fans reactions to the moves and roster construction in general.

The Kansas City Current made news of their own with yesterday’s announcement of two new midfield signings in Morgan Gautrat and Vanessa DiBernardo, both formerly of the Chicago Red Stars. We talk about what it means for unsigned veterans like Desiree Scott and for the return of Samantha Mewis. Additionally, veteran Kristen Edmonds moved on to NJ/NY Gotham on a two year deal.

Plus we hit a few other topics, including:

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