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Vermes: We’re “very close” on a Forward Signing; Plus Green Cards, Rosell, Duke and Ford

And some insight on how that forward may fit into the team.

MLS: Playoffs- Semifinals-Real Salt Lake at Sporting KC Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, Peter Vermes did his weekly sit down with the media to give an update on preseason. Before a single question could be asked, PV had to get one thing out of the way quickly.

“We are very, very close to signing a forward and we’ll announce it early next week,” said Vermes.

This is after weeks of speculation brought on by needing a replacement for the injured Alan Pulido. There were lots of rumors in how Sporting Kansas City could go about replacing Pulido, but we’ll finally have an answer next week. We know it won’t be Jose Juan Macias from Chivas or Jozy Altidore, formerly of Toronto FC.

As for who it will be, not much is known. However, I have personally lowered my expectations based on other answers given during the press conference. When asked about Khiry Shelton, Vermes spoke glowingly. “I don’t trust anybody more,” began Vermes. “He is in so many ways, the perfect fit in that position. He works so hard. He makes opportunities for everyone around him.”

He continued, tellingly, “I’m not bringing in anyone to replace Khiry.”

That tells me, it’s probably a backup. A guy that may play their way into the lineup, but it’s Khiry’s job to lose. Purely speculation on my part, but that’s what it felt like.

As more questions were asked, Vermes talked about the flexibility that Daniel Salloi and Johnny Russell have, as well as the newest winger, Marinos Tzionis, which the team expects to arrive soon. He didn’t mention any of the other younger players by name (Freeman, Barber, Cisneros), but he did say that the new signing would have a different skillset that Khiry and would allow the team to play them together at times, or switch their play style based on who was on the pitch. He also was quick to point out that Shelton can move to the wing as well.

Just a few days left to wait. Who do you think it is? Twitter is heavily leaning towards Kei Kamara or Dom Dwyer. Kei holds up play like Khiry, but is a definite goal scorer. Dwyer lived on an island last time around and took tons of shots. Hard to see that being a fit these days. I personally have no idea what to expect.

Quick Hits from PV

  • Vermes indicated that Remi Walter has been away from preseason since last Friday as he’s in France finalizing things for his green card. That will free up an international roster spot. Hopefully more news like that is coming.
  • PV confirmed to The Blue Testament that despite the El Paso game being cancelled, the team played a scrimmage on Wednesday and Kortne Ford got his first minutes of the preseason. He played for 30.
  • When asked a question about Jose Mauri and his limited time to adjust, he unprompted switched to talking about Cam Duke and indicated, “Cam Duke has made a little bit of a jump.” It stood out to me because he’s so reticent to highlight specific guys if he’s not asked about them.
  • He was also high on Uri Rosell (who’s played with the “starters” in the two preseason games we’ve heard about). He said, “he hasn’t missed a beat” since returning and he’s added new wrinkles to his game.