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Kit Drop: State Line 3.0

S5:E4 - Happy Kit Drop Day everyone! Chad Reynolds is back for the yearly tradition, and he brought a friend this time.

It’s one of our favorite days on the Sporting KC calendar! Kit Drop Day is here. And with it, the State Line 3.0. A throwback to a fan favorite.

In what has become a yearly tradition, we’re joined by Chad Reynolds, Senior Director of Brand at Sporting KC. We love having Chad on the show, our conversations are always very insightful and fun. Be sure to check out Kit Design 101, as well as last year’s show as well. This year, he brought along Thomas Earle, Director of Retail, for even more cool stories and tidbits from behind the scenes of the jersey design process.

We spend a lot of time chatting about the years long process (they have a seven year plan, by the way!) of making this day finally happen. Of course, we talked so long the show was split into two manageable episodes. In Hour 2, they unveil the jersey for us and get our unfiltered reactions. This jersey is a “love letter to Kansas City” and it really tells a story. Listening to Chad and Thomas explain the details, as well as the insane coordinated effort to get this done, is a must listen!

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