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Shades of Blue with Nate Bukaty

S5:E11 - “The most important 5-year window in the history of American soccer.”

Panama v USMNT Photo by John Todd/ISI Photos/Getty Images

After a big soccer weekend, especially for the US Men’s National Team, we called in Nate Bukaty to help us cover all the action. As a staunch Kansas Citian and the Sporting KC TV Commentator, Nate has a passionate, unique point of view.

He says we’re in the midst of “the most important 5-year window in the history of American soccer”. Not only does this team have a much higher level of talent than generations’ past, but they’ve also regained the “attitude” which historically defined them. It’s a dangerous combination.

Nate goes Freudian on the toxicity within the US Soccer community online. Cody wants to fight them on Twitter (@thatcodytho).

Sporting Kansas City got the win over Real Salt Lake after the Curious Case of Khiry Shelton made an appearance. How does this keep working with a striker who is indifferent about scoring?

Now that Nate is on TBT airwaves, free of the shackles of his Sporting KC bosses, what goods can we get him to spill?

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