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A Tad Askew - Shades of Blue

S5:E8 - Analyzing the Sporting KC attack, takeaways from the Dynamo win, & what to expect this weekend.

Houston Dynamo FC v Sporting Kansas City Photo by Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

To clarify... we mean both the team AND this show are a tad askew.

The Sporting KC attack isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders. Khiry Shelton may have disappeared at times, but we still don’t hate him with the fiery passion that some of you do. Remember, there’s still a striker on the way, and 20-year-old Marinos Tzionis has looked formidable in two brief appearances.

With two starters sidelined at the moment, the midfield has been a bit scrambled as well. Is Felipe Hernandez ready to take the next step in his MLS career? Remi Walter scored after doing an interview on Shades of Blue.

This week’s stat from Mike Kuhn is quite depressing in regards to SKC and their recent trips to play the Colorado Rapids. David has words for Diego Rubio.

If Thad were a tree, he would live in a forest.

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