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Andreu Fontas on being “mentally strong” amidst poor results

The SKC defender talks about consistency, Catalan cuisine, & his family’s love for Kansas City.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Sporting Kansas City Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

After a rough beginning to his time with Sporting KC, Andreu Fontas has cemented himself as the anchor of the back line and even had MLS stats nerds listing him among MLS MVP candidates last year. But now that Fontas overcame injuries and found a new level to his game, SKC have fallen apart.

We ask him about playing with a rotating cast of midfielders in front of him, as well as being reunited with Ilie Sanchez, the previous man occupying the #6, last weekend. The centerback is desperate to turn things around and says the team must be “mentally strong ... when things aren’t going well.”

Fontas’ boyhood club, FC Barcelona, have gone through a rough patch themselves. But he says this helped him rediscover his love for the club. Unsurprisingly he loves the idea for the Catalan Cafe and shared some native cuisine ideas for us.

32-year-old has fallen in love with KC, like so many before him. We talk about family life and the strange language dynamic for his tri-lingual daughters. Andreu appears to be peaking in his career, but has Kansas City become Home for when his playing days eventually come to an end?

Just look at them.

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