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Robert Voloder: “I want to show all the KC fans what I’m capable of.”

Our first chance to hear from this quiet, confident 20-year-old and his interesting journey to MLS.

MLS: Columbus Crew SC at Sporting Kansas City Peter Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

At just 20-years-old, Robert Voloder has already had an interesting journey to MLS. Up to this point, not much was known about him and he was a bit mysterious to us. Even Sporting KC staff told us they were eager to learn more about him from this interview!

He’s a rather serious guy and is clearly wise beyond his years. But Cody & Thad get the SKC centerback to open up and have fun talking about the temptation of American food and the biggest crowds he’s ever played in front of.. by far.

“Robi”, as his teammates call him, has appeared for both the Bosnia & Herzegovina and Germany youth national teams. We ask him just how closely he remains in contact with the German ranks. Might he get another opportunity soon? Voloder’s English is very strong, but we learn that the youngster speaks several languages as well.

The young German says he’s beefed up since arriving, as is required for the physicality of MLS. He’s blown away by the facilities & amenities with SKC. “Disciplined” is a great word to describe Voloder. He loves BBQ and the food here, but avoids temptation. He is always calm, even when subbing on as an emergency replacement in the 5th minute.

He keeps it simple.

“Just do your thing. Don’t think about much. Prove to them what you can do.”

We loved talking to Robi and think Sporting KC fans will enjoy getting to know him. Especially if he keeps those clean sheets coming.

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